Darth Sidious is a recurring character on Studio C. He is portrayed by Jason Gray. He has appeared in three sketches. In his first sketch, he tries to get his roommates, Matt, Stacey, and Stephen, to turn to the dark side. Most of his attempts fail, such as interfering in their video game and leaving an empty milk jug in the fridge. However, a few Star Wars related your mom jokes get Stephen to attack him with a lightsaber, which makes Sidious change his mind. In his second sketch, he goes to Wells Fargo to get a loan for a third Death Star, to which the manager bluntly refuses. In his most recent sketch, Sidious was cast as himself in Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. He dislikes all the changes that Disney has made to Star Wars, and begins to attack the other cast members, to which George Lucas (James) tells J. J. Abrams (Matt) that it's perfect.